The Sanskrit word MANGALAM

means benevolence, auspiciousness, good fortune.

Our principal aim is to accompany women in rural areas of South India who are facing arduous life situations (abandoned, deceived, widowed), to stand by their side and encourage them in their often desperate life circumstances…

How does it work?

MANGALAM WELFARE supports young women by providing them
with training and work opportunities in the field of handicrafts.
The products they create are sold in the PREMALAYA HANDICRAFTS TRUST.

The women receive support from MANGALAM WELFARE for all their social issues, -i.e. emotional support, medical care, legal advice, housing situation,
children’s education, transportation to work, etc.

For abandoned elderly women
OM SHANTHI HOME offers a lifelong refuge.

What is the situation of the women we help?

Widows, especially in poor rural areas, are shunned. When a man dies, his widow’s “bad karma” is blamed for his death – not only for religious reasons, but because of long-held superstitions. Traditionally a widow cannot remarry or attend family celebrations.
Even her shadow is thought to bring bad luck. Tragically,- the widows themselves
often believe this. With little social or economic status, they are no longer welcome in the homes of those who once loved them.